Pokem Go

Pokem Go

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pokemon Go is Ending Relationships

The obsession with Pokemon Go has lead to strained relationships between players and their significant others. Players head out on their own in their spare time leaving their girlfriend or boyfriend behind if they have no interest in the game. Playing this game would seem like a fun thing to do together on a date. I could believe that there could also be new relationships formed as people meet and interact with the common interest in playing the game.

One site stated that a man was caught cheating on his girlfriend as she realized that he'd caught a Pokemon character at his ex-girlfriend's house. Nice detective work their if you ask me. 

There has been positive things reported too as businesses have decided to cash in on the craze by offering special food and drink deals to Pokemon players. At least one place had created an alcoholic drink named after the game. 

My fear is that it will only be a short while in all the frenzy about the game going on that we will soon hear of a reported death due to someone's negligence in playing the game. I hope not but I'm almost certain that it will happen.

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