Pokem Go

Pokem Go

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Indiana Sex Offender Caught Playing the Game with Teen

Police say that in Indiana a registered sex offender was jailed for probation violation as he was caught playing that game with a teenager. This violated the terms of his probation that he should have no contact with children.

Illinois Player Robbed and Beat Up in Park

A man playing Pokemon Go at night in a park in Illinois was robbed and beat up by three teens that stole his phone. The teens ran off as other people in the park approached the commotion.

Georgia man sexually assaulted playing Pokemon GO

In Athens, Georgia a man was assaulted by another man while playing Pokemon Go. The man said that the other man touched his inner thigh and asked if he liked men. The victim was afraid that the man had a gun. Once the victim got home the incident was reported to the police.

Florida Man Shoots at Teens

A man in Florida shot at two kids that were playing the game near his house at night. He heard one player ask the other , "Did you get anything?" and assumed they were thieves. Fortunately, for the kids he missed and nobody was hurt.

Naked Woman Caught Vandalizing Church in Connecticut

In a bizarre story from Connecticut, players there stumbled across a naked woman vandalizing a church garden an immediately notified local police. The woman was taken to a local mental hospital.

Man wanted for murder harasses kids playing in California

In California, two United States marines help capture a man wanted for murder. The two marines were also playing the game when they noticed the suspect inappropriately touching the kids that were playing and they came to their rescue. It turns out that the man was a murder suspect.

Arizona teenager has his phone stolen and tossed in lake after prank.

Pokemon Go Players in San Francisco from USA Today

UK teacher quits job to become full-time Pokemon Go player London

A 26-year-old woman in the UK has quit her teaching job to become Britain’s first full-time Pokemon Go player as she believes there is a lot of money to be made from the widely popular location-based augmented reality game. Pokemon obsessed Sophia Pedrazza, from north London, plans to cash in on the craze by hitting the streets to collect virtual characters and then sell her accounts on eBay.